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yelpJennifer H. 11/30/2008 Burlingame, CA     5starts

Best Sichuan food I’ve ever had hands down! This is a gem of a place and you’d never know how incredibly authentic Crouching Tiger is from the outside.

First off, this is a beautiful decorated restaurant. He and I agreed that a lot of money was put into the incredibly modern interior with state of the art entertainment and restrooms as clean/gorgeous as those in a Michelin star SF eatery.

You would expect a pricey bill, but we were pleasantly surprised with the kick-ass prices. We ordered:

Dry cooked shrimp with chili and peppers – excellent!

Sweet & sour fish w/pineapples, onions, green peppers & carrots – marvelous!!

Xingjian Lamb is stir fried lamb with green hot peppers, cumin, chili powders – He loved this, but the lamb was too fatty for me. Great flavor though and you’ll be a fan if you enjoy lamb.

Sichuan Salty Pickle Fish Soup – Simple, yet wonderfully seasoned. Done perfectly and a must try if you like soup. I could eat this every day.

Cold appetizer pork with minced garlic. This isn’t really my thing, but he loved it. Great with a brew.

If you’re in the mood for spicy sichuan style food, this is a must try. It’s one of our new faves!